Tuesday, 7th February, the award ceremony of the Tate Modern Trip Photography Competition was held in the VCB library. The entrants were the students of 1º of Bachillerato A and B, who used a cultural visit to the Tate Modern to show their creativity and reflect their experience in their photographs.

During the month of January, the students shared their photos in the Instagram account “TechArt VCB”, crated in the TIC course for this competition. Three artists who use photography as their creative medium formed the jury, and they selected the finalists and 3 of the winners. The three other winners were chosen by the community. Artist Katerina Georgopoulou was present to hand out the certificates and talk about the selected photos.

With a total of 87 entries and 10 finalists, the 6 winners were:

-Sofía De la Cruz -photography chosen by artist George Eynaud
-Pablo Durán -photography chosen by artist Katerina Georgopoulou-
-Thais Salazar -photography chosen by artist Anna Efstathiou-


-Sofía De la Cruz – First prize from the community
-Salvador Serra – First prize from the community
-Ariadna Canosa y Aida Holguín – Third prize from the community

Congratulations to all the wonderful students of 1º of Bachillerato in V.C. Blanch!


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