Science Week in Infantil

Yesterday, wednesday May 8th, the children of Infants have carried out different experiments.
They had the opportunity to explain their experiments to their classmates.
The elephants: They have given us a demonstration of the “chromatic circle with dyes”.
To do this, they have used transparent cups
and have put colorants in each glass with the primary colors: red, yellow and blue.
Then, they have mixed these primary colors to create the different secondary colors: green, orange, lilac and pink.

The Bears: With them we have seen the experiment of the “jumping egg” The children, after putting an egg in vinegar and letting it rest one day, have seen how the egg is completely removed the shell and is soft on the outside jumps and bounces.
The Lions: They have shown us how little cardboard boats move by themselves in the water, adding soap to the water.
The Frogs: They have made a demonstration of the “egg that floats”, for it the students have used three transparent containers. In one they have put water alone, in another water with sugar and in the last water with salt, and in all of them, they have put boiled eggs, observing that the egg floated in the container that contained water with salt.
To conclude, the children have seen a small video of the Dead Sea and how people float in it.