Red Nose Day

On the occasion of Red Nose Day and in order to raise funds, the students of the Vicente Cañada Blanch Secondary School have put on two shows with record participation in the performances.

In the first part of the dance there were a total of 17 performances, whichever is better. There were traditional dances, contemporary dance, Patsula, exhibition of masks, free themes, dance challenges and a flash mob at the end.

In the second part the students exhibited their own designs with recycled material. The Radical Recycling Project managed to carry out a staging with a collection worthy of the professional catwalks. We could see French-inspired models, incredible and flattering structures with plastic materials, cardboard, wire … to which was added the section of recycling clothes and other fabrics. Spectacular demonstration of creativity and excellent teamwork by all. The best thing: to raise funds and to be able to do it having fun and learning.

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