Infantil Complementary Activities

Carnivals, Fat Tuesday, Barbican and International World Book Day.
Last week we celebrated Carnival at the school, and the children made masks, masks, and paint masks. We also worked and did many activities and some experiments with balloons.
Last Friday we had a costume parade in the Cloister. The children paraded to the rhythm of Georgi Dann and his carnival, and a nursery school teacher livened up the performance by dancing the Cariocas.
We also celebrated Fat Tuesday in the playground by doing relay races carrying pancakes and pancakes.
This week we took advantage of the end of Carnival to celebrate the burial of the sardine.
On Thursday the 5 year olds, first and second graders, had the opportunity to go on an excursion to the Barbican and see the London Symphony Orchestra. The concert was called The Great Blueness.  It was a very enriching experience and the children loved it.
We listened to music by Edvarv Grieg, the fragment “In the hall of the mountain” and there was a video where a forest and a troll appeared depending on the music.
They also explained to us how the different colors would be for Kandinsky. And we saw represented the tale of the Wizard of colors.
On Thursday afternoon we celebrated the international World Book Day, we were disguised with the costumes previously made in class, to the library, to recite some poems of Gloria Fuertes.
The Bears recited “The Snowman”, the Lions “The Caramel Fairy”, the Elephants “The Flower Mistress” and the Frogs: “The fish go to school”.
Yesterday Friday we celebrated the day of the working woman telling the story of some important women such as Malala, Gloria Fuertes, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, etc..
We have also done murals and different activities to celebrate this day.



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