II Conference on Entrepreneurial Talent Education

 On Tuesday March 6th., 2018, the II Conference on Entrepreneurial Talent Education was officially opened at the Cañada Blanch Spanish School. As in the last academic year, we had the priceless cooperation of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain, its businessmen, its staff and, most especially, its Secretary General, Mr. Igor Urra, whom we greatly appreciate the organization of this event.

We would also like to highlight the support of the Education and Tourism Counsellors of the Spanish Embassy. The Education Counsellor, Mr. Gonzalo Capelláninaugurated the conference, which was closed by the Tourism Counsellor, Mr. Javier Piñanes, with a visit of our students to the Spanish Tourist Office in London.

In addition to the Spanish Chamber, seven Spanish companies with presence in the United Kingdom took part in the conference: Román y Asociados, Diversitas Institute, Bluefin Group, Forma 5, Uría Menéndez, Idom and Frank Consulting. A total of 13 lecturers were involved in the talks, visits and round tables. The Plaza Group had the courtesy of offering coffee during the breaks.

It was a very enriching experience for our students, who gave a very positive feedback. The quality of the lecturers is unquestionable, a programme that is hardly comparable even in conferences organised by many business universities, and reflects the good health of Spanish companies in the UK. It also illustrates a human quality that was strongly emphasised by all the speakers, Honesty. The generosity of these entrepreneurs means that they are capable of stopping their agendas to return to society what they themselves received in their time, good values and education. We hope that our lucky students will benefit in the future from the many and very good advices given to them by the speakers. And that many more generations of Cañada Blanch students will continue to be benefited from this good initiative.

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