Vicente Cañada Blanch Spanish School, in collaboration with the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain, has held the “1st Conference of Education of the Entrepreneuring Talent” on 21, 22 and 23 March 2017.
We have had the support of the Ministry of Education of the Spanish Embassy and the participation of the following companies: Banco de Santander, Uría Menéndez, Sca Ontier, Binom Architects, Idom, Rugbyspy, Frank Consulting and La Plaza Group.
The University of Westminster also had a presence at the Conference.
After a speech by the Minister of Education, Mr. Gonzalo Capellán, the inaugural conference was held by the Secretary General of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain, Mr. Igor Urra, and spoke about the history and functions of this institution.
The Banco de Santander was represented by its managing director in London, Mr. Juan Botín who spoke on “Working in Banking in the City of London: challenges, opportunities and threats”.
Ms. Paula Enríquez (SCA ONTIER), Ms. Marta Granda (BINOM Architects) and Mr. Mikel Lotina (IDOM UK LTD), discussed the topic of entrepreneurial talent, with Mr. José Luis Ruiz-Alba, Senior Lecturer at University Of Westminster, who served as moderator.
Mr. Nacho Morais, director of Frank Consulting, spoke about “Entrepreneurship”, sharing with the students his personal experience and Mr. Juan Carlos Machuca, Director of the law firm “Uría -Menéndez” in London, gave a comprehensive exposition on the history and operation of this prestigious law firm.
The rugby company Rugbyspy UK, with strong ties to Spain, was represented by its manager, Ms. Abby Edwards.
The company “La Plaza Group” has had the deference to offer the coffee in the pauses between the different interventions.
The conference was closed with the visit of a group of high school students to the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Great Britain and with their assistance to the auction of the collection “Robert de Balkany” at the prestigious Christie’s, where they have learned something about the art business.
We thank the Chamber of Commerce and all the participants for their collaboration in this beautiful task of educating the young generations and we hope we can continue to count on them for future events.
The entire educational community has provided very positive feedback on the Conference and we hope that each year it will be part of our institutional activities.

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