Friendly women’s football match against Halcyon

The women’s football match was held on October 2nd at the Westway Sport Center, and it ended with a great victory from the players of the team of 1st of Bachillerato against the team of the Halcyon London International School (5-3).

The team

The team that represented ‘Cañada’ played a quality game, extraordinary and exciting, which they dominated at all times, both in defense and attack. They maintained a high level of play, gave it their all both physically and tactically, and they made the right decisions in all of the substitutions.

The match

The balance, fair play , concentration, and hunger for victory of each and every one of the players were the main highlights. After the school day, class mates and former students came by to cheer the players on, which we consider a gesture to be thankful for.

Congratulations to the players: Maite Arjona, Paula Benito, Ángela Carrascosa, Ainoha Gómez, Victoria Ortega, Estefanía Rodríguez (goalkeeper) and María Mouaj, who joined at the last moment and was key to the achievement.

The celebration

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