Cañada reclaims women’s day

Students, accompanied by their teachers, made a protest action in favor of real equality between men and women.

A student from each educational level read a sentence of the following manifesto:

1st ESO – Olga Villar

Today we are here because:

Women continue to suffer humiliations and aggressions and we are against gender violence of all grades.

2nd ESO – Isabella Lyons

Today we are here because:

It is still women who stop working or reduce their working day to take care of their children or/and their elderly.

3rd ESO – Elisa Barnes

Today we are here because:

There are still women who are paid less than men for the same jobs and we want this salary gap to end.

4th ESO – Lucía Moya

Today we are here because:

Women, despite flooding the university classrooms, are not yet represented in positions of power.

1st BAC – Ainoa Gómez

Today we are here because:

We want to walk free in the street, at any time, without fear of physical or verbal aggressions, and show our body to our likely without being judged.

2nd BAC – Salvador Serra

Today we are here because:

We, men, must also be feminists, break our own stereotypes and take on the tasks that oppress women to create a society that is equal in reality and not only in paper.

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