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  • Spanish Language Department

    Spanish Language Department

    The Spanish Language Department organised different activities to mark Spain National Day 12th October. This post is also available in:Read More »
  • Male football

    Male football

    You don’t always claim victory. This time, the Halcyon students were superior and won by a landslide, having been more organized on the field. Our students have requested a rematch. We must make a worthy mention to the support that Read More ...Read More »
  • Visit to the Parliament

    Visit to the Parliament

    10th and 11th graders (Class B) have completed their curriculum on parliament affairs and democracy with a guided tour to the British Parliament and an educational workshop on Voting and Representation. Throughout the workshop, students have had to split into Read More ...Read More »
  • Friendly women’s football match against Halcyon

    Friendly women’s football match against Halcyon

    The women’s football match was held on October 2nd at the Westway Sport Center, and it ended with a great victory from the players of the team of 1st of Bachillerato against the team of the Halcyon London International School Read More ...Read More »
  • 100 followers on Twitter

    100 followers on Twitter

    We are back after summer vacation and to celebrate it we’ve reached 100 followers on Twitter. Thank you everyone, and let’s keep growing! Follow us at This post is also available in:Read More »

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